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    Terminal Tractor Tyres

Terminal Tractor Tyres

In ports and terminals, terminal tractors are often used for their reliable and efficient way to move trailers and other heavy loads around. Magna Tyres especially developed terminal tractor tyres for use in the most demanding applications.

Benefits of Terminal Tractors

Terminal tractors are used in ports, logistics centres or on industrial sites for handling mainly semi-trailers, roll trailers and heavy-duty trailers. The major advantage of the terminal tractors is the following; the single cab allows the driver to have much greater visibility when operating the vehicle. This allows the operator to manoeuvre quickly and efficiently in the field. Besides, terminal tractors are designed to be able to move in relatively small spaces, which makes their short wheelbase essential. Therefore, terminal tractors have a much smaller turning circle or a better turning radius.

Challenges a Terminal Tractor Faces

Of all the machines used in ports and terminals, the terminal tractor travels the longest distance. This means that the tyres on a terminal tractor have to accelerate more often, they have to brake more often and they have to corner more often than any other tyre in the harbour industry. Because of their frequent driving, they encounter uneven surfaces and potholes, bumps and foreign objects cannot be hedged. This increases tyre wear as well as tyre failure. The key is to fit the right tyre.

Tyres for Terminal Tractors

Magna Tyres specifically developed terminal tractor tyres for terminal use. The deep tread profile of our tyres offers high resistance to damage and punctures. Besides, the strong and wide rib pattern provides outstanding stability and excellent traction during the most demanding applications.

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