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    Truck Trailer Tyres

Truck Trailer Tyres

Truck trailers are essential components of the transportation and logistics industry. These truck-towed trailers play a critical role in ensuring safe and efficient cargo transportation, as well as the tyres underneath. That is why Magna Tyres developed truck trailer tyres in different sizes, ensuring perfect matches with the various trailer types.

What are truck trailers?

Truck trailers are unpowered vehicles, designed to be towed by trucks. They are commonly used to transport a wide variety of goods over long distances. Because of that wide variety, truck trailers come in various shapes, sizes and configurations to suit different types of cargo and transportation needs. Truck trailers are crucial in the transportation and logistics industry worldwide. Trailers expand the capacity of trucks and allow efficient and safe movement of goods from one place to another.

Truck trailers is a collective term for all types of trailers that can be towed by trucks. Below you will find some of the most common truck trailer types.

Dry van trailers: Enclosed trailers with a solid roof and sides, used to protect cargo from outside elements. They are commonly used for general freight transportation.
Flatbed trailers: Open trailers with a flat platform and no sides or roof. They are ideal for transporting large, heavy or irregularly shaped items.
Refrigerated trailers (Reefers): Trailers equipped with refrigeration units for transporting perishable goods like food and pharmaceuticals at controlled temperatures.
Tanker trailers: Trailers with specialised tanks for transporting liquids and gases. They are commonly used for chemicals, fuel and hazardous materials.
Tipper trailers: Trailers with hydraulic mechanisms that allow them to tip or tilt for unloading bulk materials such as sand, gravel and construction debris.
Lowboy trailers: Trailers with a low deck height, designed for transporting heavy and oversized equipment such as construction machinery.
Livestock trailers: Trailers designed to transport live animals, often used for transporting cattle, horses and other livestock.

Tyres for every trailer type

Tyres for truck trailers are designed to withstand the demands of long-distance transportation while ensuring cargo safety and efficient performance. Our truck trailer tyres have a high load capacity, puncture-resistant features and a low rolling resistance. These features improve fuel efficiency and reduce operational costs.

Our tyres are stable and durable, as they can withstand long driving hours and the varying weather conditions. Furthermore, they offer traction on various road surfaces and safe transportation of the goods.

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