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    Truck Trailer Tires

Truck Trailer Tires

Truck trailers, pivotal in transportation and logistics, rely on durable tires for safe and efficient cargo delivery. Recognizing this, Magna Tyres offers a diverse range of truck trailer tires, tailored to various trailer types.

Understanding Truck Trailers

Truck trailers, towed by powered trucks, are vital for hauling diverse goods over distances. Available in numerous configurations, they meet assorted cargo needs, amplifying trucks’ capacity for seamless goods transport. Common types include:

Dry van trailers: Enclosed units safeguarding freight against elements, suitable for general cargo.
Flatbed trailers: Open platforms for large or oddly shaped items, lacking sides or a roof.
Refrigerated trailers (Reefers): Climate-controlled for perishables, maintaining specific temperatures.
Tanker trailers: Specialized for liquid or gas transport, used with chemicals or fuel.
Tipper trailers: Equipped with hydraulic tilting for easy unloading of materials like gravel.
Lowboy trailers: Low decks for hauling heavy, oversized machinery.
Livestock trailers: Designed for safe animal transport.

Tires Features for Optimal Performance

Magna Tyres’ trailer tires are built for the rigors of long hauls, boasting high load capacity, puncture resistance, and enhanced fuel efficiency through low rolling resistance. These characteristics ensure prolonged durability, adaptability to varied climatic conditions, and superior traction across different terrains, facilitating secure cargo transit.

Explore our tire solutions tailored to each trailer type, ensuring your fleet operates smoothly and efficiently. Read out to us for your ideal tire fit.