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    Boat Lift Tyres

Boat Lift Tyres

Boat lifts need to be able to carry heavy weights, as they need to carry the boat that needs to be lifted. The tyres underneath these machines need to be even stronger. They support the weight of the entire boat lift and the boat as well. Magna Tyres developed boat lift tyres that can carry the weight and provide a safe and smooth operation.

What are Boat Lifts?

Boat lifts are made for lifting or hoisting boats in and out of the water. These machines are usually known by various names, such as a boat hoist, travel lift, marine travel lift or even a travelift. They all mean and do the same: lifting and transporting boats.

These machines are commonly found in marines, boatyards and shipyards where larger vessels need to be lifted for maintenance, repair, storage or other purposes. With the wheels underneath these machines, they can easily travel to the location where boats need to be lifted.

Features of Boat Hoist Tyres

In addition to the load bearing capacity, our boat lift tyres are highly durable and resistant to corrosion, saltwater and abrasive conditions. We also made sure our tyres are stable and offer excellent traction during movement. The cut- and wear resistance of our tyres contribute to the longevity of our tyres. We offer boat hoist tyres in various sizes to match the hoist’s specifications.

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