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    Rigid Dump Truck Tyres

Rigid Dump Truck Tyres

When carrying extreme loads over long and rough distances, rigid dump trucks can experience a lot of risks. To provide outstanding stability and traction, it is important to mount the right tyres. Magna Tyres especially developed rigid dump truck tyres for use in all off road applications.

What do Rigid Dump Trucks do?

Rigid dump trucks (RDT’s) often operate at mines and quarries, and other areas that require the truck to transfer large loads from location to location. As RDT’s run a high mileage, they are better suited for carrying these hefty loads on flat terrain.

Transporting bulk materials from one place to another requires the right heavy equipment tyres. Rigid dump trucks are equipped to handle rough terrain and carry large volume loads across all kinds of job sites. Unlike articulated dump trucks, RDT’s have the cab and dump body on the same fixed chassis. These machines steer by using a rack and pinion system. Therefore, a RDT turns the entire chassis of the truck at the same time the front and rear wheels move.

Choosing RDT Tyres

To mount the right tyres underneath your RDT, Magna Tyres developed a special range of rigid dump truck tyres. These tyres have a distinctive tread design to provide stability as well as good braking. Due to the heavy loads the machine needs to withstand, we made sure our RDT tyres provide stability and excellent traction and braking on rough roads. Our tyre range also consists of a special E4 tread pattern for outstanding traction and stability, even at high speeds.

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