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    Terminal Trailer Tires

Terminal Trailer Tires

Terminal trailers are key to the efficiency and reliability of operations within ports and terminals, tasked with transporting heavy equipment and machinery. Magna Tyres has developed a comprehensive range of terminal trailer tires suited for a variety of applications.

Understanding Terminal Trailer

Terminal trailers are specialized for use within the terminal industry, equipped with various features and accessories for safe, efficient cargo transport. Commonly, these trailers feature a flatbed design, providing a secure platform for moving heavy machinery and equipment throughout terminals or ports.

Another popular type is the skeletal, or chassis, trailer designed with an open frame to support container transport. Despite the diversity in trailer types, their primary function remains the transport of cargo and containers within port and terminal environments.

Selecting Appropriate Tires

Selecting the right tires for your terminal trailer involves understanding the specific loads and transportation needs. Magna Tyres offers a range of tire solutions tailored to meet these demands, ensuring safety, reliability, and stability. Our tires are engineered for durability, offering protection against damage and punctures, thereby minimizing machine downtime.

Contact us to discover the ideal tire solution tailored to your terminal trailer operations.