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    Handling 90% of Operations in Multiple Philippine Terminals

Magna Tyres Handles 90% of Operations in Multiple Terminals in the Philippines

One of our customers, who has multiple terminals in the Philippines, is very content with the quality of our tires. They have been using our tires since early 2020. During that time, they have never faced any form of tire failure and therefore confirmed the absolute quality of our tires via a testimonial letter.

As much as 90% of our customer’s operation is handled by Magna Tyres’ products. The following tires are operating in our customer’s terminals:

  • Magna M-TERMINAL tires in size 280/75R22.5. These tires have an average of 4770 running hours.
  • Magna M-STACKER+ tires in size 18.00-25. These tires have been running for almost 4000 working hours.
  • Magna MB300+ tires in size 14.00-24. These tires have an average of 4500 running hours and perform excellent on the container handlers.
  • Magna MA608S tires in size 10.00-20. The average running time of these tires are three years.

A Testimonial From Our Customer

In their testimonial letter, the Engineering Manager of our customer quoted: “Magna Tyres has the most economical and outperforming tires of all the other brands we have used. We are confirming these tires to be suitable for the challenging conditions in the variety of areas within the Philippines.”

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