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    Semi-Trailer Truck Tyres

Semi-Trailer Truck Tyres

Semi-trailer trucks play a crucial part of the transportation and logistics industry. These versatile trucks for long haul purposes are used widely across the world. Magna Tyres designed semi-trailer truck tyres to withstand the heavy loads, long distances and demanding conditions these vehicles operate under.

What are Semi-Trailer Trucks?

Semi-trailer trucks are a type of heavy-duty commercial vehicles, which are widely used for transporting goods over long distances. They are commonly used for long haul transportation across cities, states, and even countries. These trucks are versatile and can be configured for various types of cargo, including dry goods, refrigerated goods, hazardous materials, and more.

Semi-trailer trucks are articulated vehicles, meaning they consist of two separate components which are connected: the cab (also called the truck or tractor) and the semi-trailer. The semi-trailer is the cargo-hauling component of the truck. It contains an open or enclosed cargo area for transporting goods. This design provides better manoeuvrability for the truck compared to longer, rigid trucks. Its payload capacity depends on factors such as the truck’s size, weight limits, and the type of cargo it’s designed to transport.

Tyres for these Versatile Trucks

Our semi-trailer truck tyres have a high load-bearing capacity. They can support the weight of the truck, trailer and cargo. We designed our tyres to provide traction and stability on highways and various road surfaces. We offer different tread designs for drive, steer and trailer axles.

Our semi-truck tyres are designed with low rolling resistance to improve fuel efficiency. Lower rolling resistance reduces the energy required to move the truck, resulting in fuel savings. Furthermore, our tyres are highly durable, mostly with reinforced sidewalls to resist punctures and damage.

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