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    Box Truck Tyres

Box Truck Tyres

Box trucks come in various sizes and configurations to suit different cargo and delivery needs. To meet the requirements for this diverse cargo, Magna Tyres has developed box truck tyres. Taking your truck’s maximum payload capacity in account, we will select the right tyres for your needs.

What is a Box Truck?

Box trucks are characterised by their enclosed cargo area, which resembles a box, and a cab for the driver. Its enclosed cargo area provides protection for the goods being transported from weather, theft and damage. As mentioned before, these trucks come in different sizes, each with varying payload capacities. The weight capacity of the box truck depends on the model.

Box trucks are designed to carry different kinds of cargo. These vehicles provide easy loading and unloading features for optimal efficiency. Some models also have side doors, in addition to the rear doors, for convenient access to the cargo area when needed. Box trucks are used for a variety of purposes, including local deliveries, moving services, furniture transport and much more. In general, these vehicles are ideal for transporting goods within a specific region.

Selecting the Right Tyres

As there are different specifications on box trucks, we offer various sizes of box truck tyres. We designed our tyres to be stable, wear resistant and to offer optimal traction. They perform on wet, dry and even icy roads to make sure the goods, and of course the driver, will be transported safely.

Furthermore, our tyres are very durable. As box trucks frequently stop, start and manoeuvre while driving, we made sure our tyres can cope with the stress caused by these actions. We featured our tyres with a protective sidewall against damages from curbs and obstacles.

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