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    Box Truck Tires

Box Truck Tires

Box trucks, with their varying sizes and configurations, cater to a wide range of cargo and delivery demands. Recognizing the diverse requirements of these vehicles, Magna Tyres has engineered a selection of box truck tires. We consider your truck’s maximum payload capacity to identify the most suitable tires for your specific needs.

What is a Box Truck?

Box trucks are distinguished by their cubic cargo area, providing a secure space for transported goods against weather, theft, and damage. Available in multiple sizes, each model of box truck has its own payload capacity.

These vehicles are tailored for transporting various types of cargo, featuring easy loading and unloading capabilities for maximum efficiency. Certain models also include side doors, alongside the standard rear doors, for easier access to the cargo. Box trucks serve numerous functions, from local deliveries and moving services to furniture transportation, making them perfect for regional goods transit.

The Perfect Tires for Your Vehicle

Given the variety of box truck specifications, our line of box truck tires comes in multiple sizes. Our tires are crafted for stability, resistance to wear, and superior traction, ensuring performance on wet, dry, and icy surfaces for the safe transport of cargo and driver alike.

Moreover, our tires are built to last. Acknowledging the frequent stops, starts, and maneuvers box trucks undergo, our tires are designed to withstand the stress of such actions. They include a protective sidewall to guard against damage from curbs and other obstacles.

Contact us to discover the ideal tire solution tailored to your box truck’s requirements.