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Tyre Markings Explain the Specifications of Your Tyre

For every vehicle that runs on tyres, those tyres need to be replaced eventually. What do you need to look for when replacing those tyres? From a distance, you won’t notice anything other than the tyre brand and maybe the tyre model, but when you take a closer look, you’ll notice that the tyre is actually filled with all kinds of markings.

All these tyre markings tell you more about the manufacturer, its size and many other specifications the tyre has. To replace tyres, it is important to know how to read these tyre markings for selecting new ones.

How to Read Tyre Markings

Markings on tyres may seem complex at a first glance, but when you know how to read it, you’ll realise that it’s actually quite easy to understand. Our brand-new white paper will break down everything you need to know when reading tyre markings. We’ll dive into the specifics such as the most obvious tyre writings such as brand and model name, but also the important writings such as size and how much weight a tyre can carry at which speed.

Did we trigger your interest? Then download our white paper for the full explanation of how to read tyre markings.


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