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White Paper: Why Are Tyres Black?

Why Are Tyres Black?

You know tyres are black, but have you ever wondered why tyres are black? This seemingly simple question has a bit more to it than just a choice of colour. In this white paper, we will answer this simple question with a bit more informed reasoning behind it.

Carbon Black In Rubber Tyres

Because nearly every tyre you’ll ever see is black, you might think black is just the colour of rubber. Funny fact is that the natural colour of rubber actually is a milky kind of white…

So why are tyres black in colour then? The short and simple answer is the additive carbon black in the production process. The addition of carbon black has a lot of benefits and the colour black is mostly just a byproduct.

Want to know more about why we add carbon black to our tyres. Download the white paper here and find out!


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