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Improved Magna M-TERRAIN and M-TERRAIN+ Tyres

Improved Magna M-TERRAIN and M-TERRAIN+ Tyres

Continuous improvement runs through the veins of Magna Tyres. We are always committed to deliver the highest quality products to meet the ever-evolving needs and preferences of our customers. We believe in the relentless pursuit of excellence, which is why we consistently invest in research, development, and innovation to keep improving our tyre range. This is what we did for two of our tyre patterns. The final phase is completed and we are proud with the results. Our Magna M-TERRAIN and Magna M-TERRAIN+ tyres have been improved on several levels.

Working on the Improvements

We went to the basics of these tyres. In doing so, we looked at all tyre parts for room for improvement and started working on them. Our latest improvements are as following:

  1. In the inner carcass, we added reinforcing rubber to increase the thickness of the sidewall with 5mm. We did this to enhance the sidewall stiffness and reduce flex fatigue of the sidewalls during operations.
  2. We made the bead material thicker, by changing the nylon/steel part. This avoids the wheel edge from hitting the bead.
  3. We adjusted the sidewall compound. This results in 16% improvement of flexibility performance. Furthermore, we reduce the propagation after any crack occurs in the sidewall.
  4. The steel in the carcass is adjusted, resulting in higher intensity and better stiffness. Also, the safety ratio of the casing improves from 8.73 to 9.65 with these changes.
  5. The tyre manufacturing process was adjusted. This increased the carcass density, with an improvement of 10% of the safety index and a thickened turn up position of the sidewall.

In conclusion, these two tyre patterns still meet the requirements of mandatory certification of tyres for mining and construction equipment. During improvements we focused on making our tyres safer, stronger and more durable.


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