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    Magna Tyres Sharpens Brand Promise

Our Sharpened Brand Promise

At Magna Tyres, evolution is at the heart of everything we do. Our dedication to constant improvement drives us to deliver unparalleled products and services that resonate with our valued customers. This ambition has led to a redesign of our brand promise to be more clear and more in line with the feedback we received from our partners throughout the years.

Robert Gruijters – Head of Marketing at Magna Tyres says, “With the re-positioning of our brand promise and customer values we want to portray more accurately on our customer feedback. With a Net Promoter Score (NPS) of +42, it clearly shows we exceed customer expectations. In this fiercely competitive market we, as a smaller company, simply have to try harder to satisfy our customers. Our brand promise “Always” clearly demonstrates our can-do mentality, which is part of our DNA.”


Why “Always”? The basic formula to our success has always been listening to our customers and delivering what they ask, when they ask it. We are always available to offer the best service and do this on a personal level. We value your business and go the extra mile to help you. We always offer a solution and are always ready to keep you going. No matter what. Everything we do comes together in that single word: Always.

We have solidified these characteristics into four core values that describe us and what we stand for best:

Flexible – We have the power to make quick decisions and we deliver fast.
Human – We are a family owned company focusing on tyres, but especially on the people that order and use them.
Focus – Producing (large) tyres is our core business. It’s our passion and we know all about it.
Value for Money – We offer similar quality as tier 1 brands, but for a lower price.

We are confident our partners recognise these values in their dealings with our company and look forward to introducing new partners to discover them as well.