06 October 2022

Earlier this year, Magna Tyres produced a limited run of our unique cycling gear as part of the 2022 Spring Deal. To conclude and to celebrate the success of the Spring Deal, a select group of avid cyclists within the Magna Tyres Group took part in local charity event 'De Langstraat Klassieker' to push the cycling gear to the limits!

The participants from Magna Tyres Group before the start of De Langstraat Klassieker

Cycling for Charity

De Langstraat Klassieker is a cycling event organised in the city of Waalwijk, the home town of Magna Tyres Group. This year marked the fifth anniversary of the event and took participants through the countryside surrounding Waalwijk. the various routes of different distances led the cyclists through pretty ribbon villages and overlooked stately farmhouses. Along the way, the participants also rode past Dussen Castle while enjoying wide views of Dutch national park De Biesbosch. Eventually, all routes came past Villa Pardoes, the main charity of this years event.

The proceeds from De Langstraat Klassieker went to Villa Pardoes. This charity is an initiative of theme park De Efteling that enables children with a life threatening illness and their families to have an incredible vacation together so they can try and forget their illness for a while.

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