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Meet the Team: Arno van der Linden

Get Familiar with the Magna Tyres Family!

Magna Tyres is all about short lines of communication and close partnerships with both distributors and customers. Although we have grown significantly in the last decade, the personal approach remains one of our core values.

With that in mind, we want to immerse you into our world and introduce you to some of our team members you may come across in doing business with us. Today, we want to introduce you to someone who has been part of the Magna Tyres team for quite a while and has had a significant role in building the company into what it is today.

Introducing: Arno van der Linden

Arno van der Linden is a true salesman at heart. Arno is 47 years old, and while joined Magna Tyres about 9 years ago, he has over a quarter of a century of sales experience. In these years, he has acquired a lot of experience in how sales should truly be conducted. When asked what the essence of his job is, he says: “it’s all about building relationships and making connections. You’re not just ‘selling a product’, you’re helping someone solving a problem he or she has to the best of your ability”.

His way of doing business is perfectly aligned with the Magna Tyres mindset of doing business: We’re after building partnerships rather than a short term success. Thanks to that mindset of connecting, Arno has gathered an extensive network of valuable relationships in the business.

As Arno’s work experience grew, so did is responsibilities within Magna Tyres. He started as Sales Manager Germany and gradually grew into the role of Sales Director Europe. Since two years he is also responsible for growing our market share in the United States, which is a challenge on its own.  Along with colleagues Hein and Andrew, Arno recently visited the annual TIA OTR Tire Conference. The aim of his participation was specifically to expand the Magna Tyres network for future collaborations, not to sell tyres at the spot. To us, it’s very important that the customer or partner knows who we are, what we stand for and how they can benefit from doing business with us.

What does working at Magna Tyres mean to Arno? He states “I see Magna as one big family. Our HQ is still located in our hometown so I have known a lot of our colleagues from even before I started working there. Actually, I started working at Magna through Hein de Wind, who lives near me. I love what I do and I know the people within the company very well. I truly feel I have made a living out of my hobby.”

What Does Your Market Look Like?

2024 is slowly gaining momentum. “In the European market, we see steady growth. We expect 2024 to bring a positive result. This is partly due to the new products planned to be added this year and the new products (Magna M-TRUCK & TPMS) of 2023. There are huge opportunities for Magna Tyres in these new markets.”


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