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Magna M-TRUCK RG10 & RG20 - Seize the Edge

The Magna M-TRUCK RG10 and RG20 Tyres for Unparalleled Truck Performance

In a significant leap forward for commercial transportation, Magna Tyres has announced the launch of two new additions to their esteemed Magna M-TRUCK range – the RG10 and RG20 tyres. Designed to work in tandem, the Magna RG10 serves as a steer axle tyre, while the Magna RG20 is crafted for the drive axle, together offering an unmatched combination of durability, efficiency, and safety on the road.

The Magna RG10 and RG20 are the result of extensive research and development, embodying Magna Tyres’ commitment to innovation and quality. Engineered with state-of-the-art materials and tread designs, these tyres are built to withstand the rigors of regional transport, delivering superior performance under various road conditions.

The Magna RG10 steer axle tyre features a unique tread pattern that ensures excellent handling and stability, crucial for the safety and comfort of mid-long distance journeys. Its design minimises irregular wear and extends tyre life, making it a cost-effective solution for fleet operators.

On the flip side, the Magna RG20 drive axle tyre boasts a robust construction designed to provide maximum traction and resistance to abrasions, cuts, and tears. Its tread compound is specially formulated to reduce rolling resistance, leading to significant fuel savings and a reduced carbon footprint, aligning with the global push towards sustainability in the transport sector.

A Perfect Pair for Regional Purposes

Together, the Magna RG10 and RG20 form a perfect pair, ensuring that trucks are equipped with tyres that specialise in their respective roles on the vehicle. This specialisation guarantees that each tyre can perform optimally, leading to better overall vehicle performance, increased safety, and lower operational costs.

In a testament to their superior performance in diverse weather conditions, both the Magna RG10 and RG20 tyres proudly bear the 3PMSF (Three Peak Mountain Snow Flake) symbol, ensuring unmatched traction and safety in severe snowy conditions. This certification is complemented by the ECE (Economic Commission for Europe) label, which signifies that these tyres meet the stringent European standards for fuel efficiency, wet grip, and noise levels. These certifications not only underscore the tyres’ exceptional capabilities but also their readiness to tackle the rigorous demands of European roads, making them an ideal choice for fleet operators prioritizing safety, compliance, and performance.

Testimonials and Performance Metrics

While specific performance metrics and customer testimonials are yet to be disclosed, initial feedback from early adopters suggests that the Magna RG10 and RG20 are set to redefine expectations for commercial tyres. Fleet operators report noticeable improvements in handling, fuel efficiency, and tyre longevity, underscoring Magna Tyres’ promise of delivering high-quality, high-performance tyre solutions.

The introduction of the Magna RG10 and RG20 tyres comes at a time when the transportation industry is facing increasing pressures to improve efficiency, reduce costs, and lower environmental impact. By offering a solution that addresses these challenges head-on, Magna Tyres demonstrates its leadership and commitment to the future of commercial transport.

As the latest innovations in the Magna M-TRUCK range, the RG10 and RG20 tyres are not just a testament to Magna Tyres’ engineering excellence but also a beacon for the future of truck transportation. Fleet operators and drivers alike can look forward to experiencing the benefits of these groundbreaking tyres on their journeys across the highways of the world.


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