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    Magna MA04+ GIANT Tyres Selected for Iron Mine

Magna MA04+ GIANT Tyres Selected for Iron Mine in Middle East Region

A large iron mining operator in the Middle East region selected our Magna MA04+ GIANT tyres in size 27.00R49 for their rigid dump trucks. The tyres are charged with the heavy task of transporting huge amounts of iron over the total haul distance from the open pit mine to the dump area without any downtime or failures. Due to the severe road conditions, including the risk of damage from sharp rocks and other objects, our customer decided to select the special cut-compound recommended by Magna Tyres.

After three months of intensive usage, the first site check has been carried out. More than 2000 operating hours resulted in a promising achievement. The all steel radial constructed tyres with E4 tread pattern shows only slight signs of even tread depth wear and no damages. Our customer is very satisfied with the tyre performance and expects to achieve a great reduction in their total cost per hour. Our customer is very happy with our quality tyres combined with our world class service and frequent follow-ups.

Magna MA04+ GIANT Tyres

The Magna MA04+ GIANT is an all steel radial constructed tyre designed for rigid dump trucks operating in severe off-road conditions. It provides excellent resistance to damage due to improved shoulder and sidewall protection and is also available in various compounds including (A) cut-resistant, (B) Heat-resistant and (S) Standard. The deep aggressive E4 tread pattern provides excellent traction and a long tread life.

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