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    Amazing Performance of Magna MR800 Tyres

Amazing Performance of Magna MR800 Tyres at Port Saint Louis

Two years ago, a well-known shipping company and its container terminal decided to mount Magna MR800 tyres on their equipment such as empty container handlers. The shipping company is located in Port Saint Louis in Marseille, France.

The Magna MR800 has been tested in sizes 12.00R20 and 14.00R24 under demanding circumstances. Quoting our customer: “These tyres have done a magnificent job and have beaten the competitors in every way.”

Testing Magna MR800 in Size 12.00R20

The size 12.00R20 of our Magna MR800 has already exceeded the competition by 10% in hours. Due to the lower purchase price, the operational costs also have been reduced significantly.

Testing Magna MR800 in Size 14.00R24

The size 14.00R24 tyres, mounted on a Hyster 18-12EC, are still running and the final performance has been projected to be around 4.000 hours. The operational costs will be 30% lower than the reputable competition, and therefore our customer has decided to keep on mounting the Magna MR800 tyres on their vehicles.

In the pictures you see an empty container handler with our Magna MR800 tyres after 3.000 working hours. The tyres here still have 18% tread depth remaining.

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