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    Doosan Wheel Loader Running Smoothly on Magna MA601 Tyres

Doosan Wheel Loader Running Smoothly on Magna MA601 Tyres

We are proud to mention that one of the biggest recycling companies in Romania, Remat Holding, is successfully using our Super Solid tyres for their Doosan wheel loader. The Magna MA601 tyres in size 20.5-25 were mounted almost 1,5 years ago and are still running to the full satisfaction of the customer. This machine is running on a waste management site, where tyres with optimal stability and high resistance against cuts and punctures are required.

Our Magna MA601 tyres were mounted new in summer 2013, as you can see in the first picture below. The same tyres are displayed in the second picture, taken in September 2014, where they are still in use.

About our Magna MA601 tyres

Our Magna MA601 tyres are of superior quality for the toughest applications on industrial vehicles with a high risk of impact and damage. These Super Solid tyres are stable, puncture resistant and maintenance-free with a high loading capacity for forklift trucks and other industrial applications. Suitable for applications such as scrap yards, slag steel mills, glass works, dumping sites, waste sites and loading fields.

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