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    Confirmed Advantages of Magna M-TERRAIN Tyres

Confirmed Durability and Advantages of Magna M-TERRIAN Tyres

The first set of 26.5R25 Magna M-TERRAIN tyres were installed in autumn 2017 on a CAT 972H loader. After one and a half year we checked the performance of the tyres and the quality was impressive. The durability is confirmed by our customer. The tyres will have a lifetime of at least 16.000 MTH while working in a mine for loading and carrying. In addition, the machine uses less fuel on the L5 tyres and the operator claims that the driving comfort is incomparably better.

Next Test With Another Tyre Size

Due to the success of our Magna M-TERRAIN tyres in size 26.5R25, our customer decided to buy our 29.5R25 Magna M-TERRAIN tyres for his CAT 745C 45t articulated dump truck.

Our tyres had to compete with two other tyre brands. In the spring of 2019, the tyres were installed at the same time and under the same conditions on three different trucks. After the first few months, our tyres again confirmed their durability and advantages. The total expected lifetime of our tyres in comparison to the other brands is a difference of 20-30%.

Magna M-TERRAIN Tyres

The Magna M-TERRAIN is a top-class tyre in the E4 / L4 version, especially designed for rocky areas, where there is a high risk of abrasion and tread damage. It provides good handling and comfort on hard surfaces but at the same time it performs well on slippery roads. The right mix of tread rubber ensures long life and excellent cut resistance.

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