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    Fourth Set of Magna MA601 Tyres Running in Municipal Waste Plant

Fourth Set of Magna MA601 Tyres Running in Municipal Waste Plant

These 23.5-25 Magna MA601 Super Solid tyres are designed for the hardest working conditions. This Komatsu WA380 loader is running on these tyres at a municipal waste plant. Our tyres have already been used for more than 7000 machine hours and their estimated lifetime is close to 20.000 hours!

Hard-Working Machines Need Hard-Working Tyres

The surface of this waste site (asphalt) seems not challenging, but in fact the working conditions of the machines running here are very tough. The loader has a double function and also works as a dozer pushing high piles of waste. Pneumatic tyres that were used before were frequently damaged because of punctures caused by cutting waste.

The municipal waste plant uses two loaders, both equipped with Magna MA601 23.5-25 tyres. These loaders are working 24 hours a day, for seven days a week. This is the 4th set of tyres delivered to this customer already and they are still very satisfied with the continuous performance of the tyres.

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