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    Great Performance of Our Magna MB01+ Tyres in Korea

Great Performance of Our 18.00-25 Magna MB01+ Tyres in Korea

In Busan, Korea, our 18.00-25 Magna MB01+ tyres were subjected to rigorous testing by a customer. The tyres are operating in the Hyundai Busan PSA Terminal. On three reach stackers, a total of 18 of our tyres were tested strictly for insights in their performance. The great results are summarised in this article.
Our Magna MB01+ tyres are the previous version of our Magna M-STACKER+ tyres.

Four Exceptional Performing Tyres

The testing took place at the beginning of this year in the production environment of the already active tyres. All tyres were measured and inspected for wear and operating hours. Together with our customer, we collected and compared data from each tyre. Based on these results, the further tyre life was estimated.

Four tyres in particular, have performed exceptionally. The tyres were mounted on one of the reach stackers in July 2020. After more than 9600 operating hours, the tyres are still able to perform and they are going strong. After all this hard work, the four tyres still measure a tread depth of 40%. They are expected to continue for another 6400 hours!

The other 14 tyres were mounted on the reach stackers last year. These tyres are also performing well and will be monitored by quality checks. We are very satisfied with the results and we thank our customer for their commitment in analysing the results with us.

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