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    Magna MA01 Tyres at Recycling Company in Finland

Impressive Performance of Magna MA01 Tyres at Recycling Company in Finland

One of the leading recycling companies in Finland is very satisfied with the performance of the Magna MA01 tyres. Our customer was astonished by the impressive performance of these tyres. Our tyres are mounted on a Volvo wheel loader as shown in the picture below.

The performance of the tyres are frequently measured by our partner Hamre Oy, which concluded this tyre set delivered one of the best performances measured. The tyres are still in perfect condition after almost 4000 working hours. This shows the optimal durability and reliability of the Magna MA01 tyres.

Magna MA01 20.5R25 Tyres

The Magna MA01 is designed for use on wheel loaders, dozers, scrapers, graders and articulated dump trucks. The tread compound enhances protection against cutting and abrasion. An aggressive E3/L3 non-directional tread patterns provides superior traction in soft underfoot.

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