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    Impressive Results Magna MB01 at Container Terminal

Impressive Results Magna MB01 at Container Terminal in Egypt

One of the largest terminal operators in the world, located in Egypt started using 16.00R25 Magna MB01 tyres more than a year ago. These all cross ply constructed tyres were mounted on a rubber tyred gantry crane and used for the transport of thousands of containers. During the last year in which the tyres have been used intensively, they were accurately monitored.

From date of mounting until the last inspection, more than 50% of the tread depth is still remaining and without any damages. This performance, despite the demanding working conditions, will result into a very long tread life and a reduction in the cost price per hour to operate their RTG crane. Our customer is very satisfied with the impressive efficiency and durability provided by our quality port handling tyres. However, we will continue to monitor the tyres and we feel confident that they will achieve promising results.

Magna MB01 Tyres

The Magna MB01 is designed for use on RTG cranes, straddle carriers, reach stackers and container handlers running in all-round port handling conditions. The protection of the sidewall and optimal flotation are enhanced by the wide shoulder design. The tread compound provides excellent performance against cutting and abrasion.

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