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    5-Axle Mobile Crane Mounted with Magna MA03 Tyres

Liebherr 5-Axle Mobile Crane Mounted with Magna MA03 Tyres

Another customer is very happy with our Magna MA03 mobile crane tyres! This Liebherr 5-axle mobile crane is part of the fleet of the Dutch crane hire company “Van den Brink”. The tyres on the 4th and 5th axle were mounted 1,5 years ago with our Magna MA03 tyres in size 445/95R25. The tyres are still performing to the full satisfaction of the customer.

We are very pleased that this customer chose to mount the Magna MA03 tyres on the other axles as well. By now, all axles of this crane are running on our Magna MA03 tyres and they are going strong.

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