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    Sea Port in Saudi Arabia Running on Magna Tyres

Sea Port in Saudi Arabia Running on Magna Tyres

In Saudi Arabia, we recently visited another satisfied customer. They own a sea port in which they are using our 18.00-25 Magna M-STACKER+ and 310/80R22.5 Magna M-TERMINAL tyres. The working hours of these tyres is what appealed the most to our customer to choose them again. Our tyres are meeting their expectations with good value for money and no damages. At the sea port, the tyres have been fitted on Kalmar and Terberg machines.

Performance 18.00-25 Magna M-STACKER+

The deployed steering tyres have covered more than 3.000 working hours. The Magna M-STACKER+ tyres on the drive axle have completed 3.900 working hours and they are still running. These driving tyres have an average remaining tread depth of 21 millimetres. The tyres are mounted on reach stackers.

Performance 310/80R22.5 Magna M-TERMINAL

Our Magna M-TERMINAL tyres are still up and running on the terminal tractors. They are looking good with over 1.800 operating hours. The tyres on the steer axle still have approximately 20.25 millimetres tread depth left and the drive tyres as much as 21 millimetres.