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    100% Satisfaction After Using Magna M-TERMINAL Tyres

100% Satisfaction at Aqaba Container Terminal After Using Magna M-TERMINAL Tyres

Aqaba Container terminal is using our Magna M-TERMINAL tyres in size 280/75R22.5 since February 2019. The tyres are performing excellent with 100% customer satisfaction!

In July we went to an Aqaba Container Terminal for a technical site visit and to check the performance of 14 of our active 280/75R22.5 Magna M-TERMINAL tyres. Two terminal trucks that are operating in the terminal were inspected by us with the following tyres:

  • Eight M-TERMINAL tyres fitted under a terminal trailer
  • Six M-TERMINAL tyres fitted under a terminal truck (prime mover)

Findings during inspection

The appearance of all the 14 checked tyres were good. The wear percentage of the six tyres that were fitted under the truck (prime mover) was excellent. No major damages were found on the tyres and they are all maintaining 145psi which is great! The terminal trucks are running an average of 400 hours per month according to the terminal engineers. The terminal members are very pleased with the quality performance of the 280/75R22.5 Magna M-TERMINAL tyres.

Suggestions for the future

After this successful technical site visit we made some new appointments and suggestions to guarantee the quality of our tyres. Some of these suggestions are:

  • Periodical terminal cleanliness to remove the debris which can cause tyre damages
  • Ensure valve caps on all the tyres to increase the tyre life
  • Maintain the pressure at 145psi
  • Suggest to do proper vehicle maintenance (alignment/ tyre rotation/ balancing / routine pressure check both in hot & cold condition)

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