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    Magna M-TERRAIN Tyres Running Tirelessly

Magna M-TERRAIN Tyres Running Tirelessly for 7850+ Service Hours

On a recent visit to one of our customers in the United Arab Emirates, we conducted an inspection on a batch Magna M-TERRAIN tyres in size 29.5R25. Our Magna MEA office sold this specific batch of tyres back in June of 2019.

Since their fitment, the 29.5R25 Magna M-TERRAIN tyres have averaged 8 hour workdays for 38 months, resulting in an impressive 7850 hours of service. As you can clearly see from the images, these tyres are far from done!

The Magna M-TERRAIN tyres were mounted to a Volvo wheel loader operating in a quarry. Since then, the tyres have shown an even wear pattern as we expected. It is great to see our products perform so well in the demanding appliances they face every day.

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