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    Stunning Performance of the Magna MA01 Tyres in Poland

Stunning Performance of the Magna MA01 Tyres in Poland

Magna MA01 Tyres delivered a stunning performance at the leading pavement and concrete manufacturer in Poland. After 10.350 hours the Tyres were finally dismounted, with 3 mm tread depth remaining.

Our customer was very satisfied and the decision for a new set of Magna MA01 tyres was not difficult to make. The previous brand delivered only 3500 hours making Magna Tyres a very cost effective solution.

Magna MA01 Tyres

  • This tyre is designed for use on wheel loaders, dozers, scrapers and graders.
  • An aggressive non-directional tread pattern provides superior traction in soft underfoot conditions.
  • The tread compound provides excellent protection against cutting and abrasion.

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Introducing Magna TPMS!

Magna Tyres proudly announces Magna TPMS, a Tyre Pressure Monitoring System that provides real-time insight into tyre performance on your fleet, no matter where you are in the world. Read more on the Magna TPMS page.