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    Outstanding Performance of Magna MA02 Tyres in Germany

Outstanding Performance of Magna MA02 Tyres in Germany

One and a half year ago the company Otto Wolf started using 26.5R25 Magna MA02 tyres. Our customer is very satisfied with the durability and driver comfort provided by our quality tyres. After 18 months of hard work at a recycling site, 30 mm of the original 41 mm tread depth remains. Due to this good performance the customer decided to mount Magna MA02 tyres also at the front axle of his wheel loader.

Magna MA02 Tyres

The Magna MA02 is designed for use on wheel loaders, articulated dump trucks, scrapers and dozers. Sidewall protection and flotation are enhanced by the wide shoulder design.

  • Improved traction and performance through non-directional E3+/L3+ tread.
  • All steel radial construction. Improved protector plies optimise load performance and operator comfort.
  • New improved technology of the high-tech casing reduces heat build-up inside the tyre.

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