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    Magna MA03 Tyres Deliver a Great Performance Again

Magna MA03 Tyres Deliver a Great Performance Again in Switzerland

A large Swiss service provider in the steel and metal construction, Pneu-cranes and transport sector has been using 445/95R25 Magna MA03 crane tyres for several years. The tyres are mounted on multiple mobile cranes.

This mobile crane, part of the fleet of Senn Ag, is running on Magna MA03 tyres for three years now but are still in perfect condition. Our customer is very satisfied with the performance and the durability of the quality tyres and they greatly appreciated the company visit of Magna Tyres.

Magna MA03 Tyres

The Magna MA03 is a steel constructed radial tyre especially designed for mobile cranes for highway and off-road applications. Long-lasting, non-directional tread design improves efficient fuel consumption, optimal load performance and guarantees operating comfort.

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