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    Magna MA08 L5 in Perfect Shape After 7200 Running Hours

Magna MA08 L5 in Perfect Shape After 7200 Running Hours

At 6:30 am. Magna Tyres is monitoring the tyre performance at a basalt quarry in Southern Poland. This Caterpillar 966H wheel loader was equipped with 26.5R25 Magna MA08 L5 tyres in 2012. After 7200 hours of work in difficult conditions of this basalt mine, the tyres still have approximately 50% of the original tread depth left. The total expected lifetime of these tyres is estimated for 15.000 working hours!

This is another monitoring confirming the high quality tyres of our Magna MA08. This tyre is designed for use on wheel loaders, dozers and graders requiring  maximum traction. The optimized square-shouldered design provides stability and protection from cuts. The aggressive, open tread pattern provides extra traction and stable ground contact.

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