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    Magna MA10 at Recycling & Waste Handling Company

Magna MA10 at Recycling & Waste Handling Company in Portugal

One of the leading recycling and waste handling companies in Portugal started using Magna MA10 23.5R25 tyres on their Volvo wheel loaders. Previously, they used retreads and they were looking for a cost effective alternative to deliver a better cost per mile / hour.

After 1300 hours the Magna MA10 tyres are still in perfect shape and the customer is satisfied. “Magna Tyres challenged us to see what its tyres could do and we are pleased to have given this a chance.” The cost per mile and hour is excellent, according to the operations manager.

Magna MA10 Tyres

The Magna MA10 is developed for extreme loader applications in surface mines, quarries and waste & recycling. Optimal stability and operating comfort are enhanced by the wide footprint and centre rib. The extra deep L5 tread pattern provides traction in the most severe circumstances.

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