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    Magna MA601 Tyres at a Glass Recycling Company

Komatsu Wheel loader With Magna MA601 Tyres at a Glass Recycling Company

These 23.5-25 super solid Magna MA601 tyres are working at a glass recycling company in Poland. According to our customer, there is no way that any other product may meet the results of our tyres. The working conditions of the machine and the tyres are very heavy. Not only the very abrasive concrete surface, which is covered with a thin layer of broken glass that act very aggressively on the crown and side wall of the tyre. That is why super solid tyres are the best solution for this kind of environment. The tyres presented on the machine have two rows of shock-absorbing holes, in order to increase the operator’s working comfort and the machine’s mechanical elements have less subject to wear due to less vibration.

Originally Equipped Magna MA601 Tyres

The Magna MA601 is a solution for customers and users working in extremely difficult conditions, such as the environment of this customer. The Komatsu WA380 has been originally equipped with our tyres and our customer has been using these tyres for nine months. Within these nine months, the tyres worked over 3300 hours and the condition of the tyres after this time was described as excellent.

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