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    Magna MA601 Tyres at Waste Recovery Centre

Magna MA601 Super Solid Tyres at Waste Recovery Centre in France

One of our customers in France has been using our 20.5-25 Magna MA601 tyres for over 3.5 years at a recycling and waste recovery centre in the North Western part of France. The tyres were delivered by one of our official French dealers and mounted on a JCB 426 wheel loader.

From the date of mounting till now, the tyres performed ± 5000 operating hours. 20% of the original tread depth remained which leads to an estimated tyre life of over 6.000 working hours. This means a doubling in tyre life compared with previous used foam filled tyres from another company.

So far, the customer is very satisfied with the performance of the tyres. The promised low cost per hour, the deciding factor why Magna Tyres was chosen, has been achieved.

Magna MA601 Tyres

The Magna MA601 is designed for application in scrap yards, slag steel mills, glass works, dumping sites, waste sited and loading fields. These super solid tyres are designed with good quality for the toughest applications on industrial vehicles, with a risk of impact and damage and are stable, puncture resistant and maintenance-free.

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