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    Magna MB440 Tyres Mounted on a Dump Truck

Magna MB440 Tyres Mounted on a Dump Truck in South America

Magna Tyres can be found all over the world! One of our customers from the northern part of South America, specialised in mining operations, decided to equip their dump trucks with 27.00-49 Magna MB440 tyres. These tyres are mounted on several CAT 777 dump trucks and are used for the transport of raw materials. The company uses bias tyres due to the rough terrain it is operating in, with only a short distance to cover. Right now, our tyres have run more than 1800 hours. Due to the minimal wear on all of the tyres, a long tyre life is expected. Since the haul distance is becoming longer, our customer will switch to our Magna MA04+ tyres in size 27.00R49 for their giant CAT777 dump trucks.

Our Dump Truck Tyres

Magna Tyres had a broad tyre range for dump trucks. For example, our customer chose our Magna MB440. This is a bias tyre, especially designed for operating on rock, coal and earth where serviceability and cutting are big problems. The other dump truck tyre they chose is the Magna MA04+, which is perfect for the transport of extra-heavy loads in adverse conditions.

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