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    Magna MB800 Tyres Selected for Steel Yard Operation

Magna MB800 Tyres Selected for Steel Yard Operation in the UAE

Magna Tyres supplied Magna MB800 tyres in size 8.25-15 to lead a forklift in a steel yard operation in the UAE. The fitment was done two years ago and the tyres have been running and performing very well so far. After months of very intensive use, almost no wear is visible and the selected tread pattern provides outstanding traction on the rough surface.

We are pleasantly looking forward to continue to work in close collaboration with this customer. Our customer is very satisfied as well with our cooperation: “The tyres of Magna Tyres are the most suitable for our operational needs and working condition. We are very happy with the lifetime achieved and we choose to repurchase the Magna MB800.”

Magna MB800 Tyres

The low rolling resistance of the Magna MB800 tyres cuts back fuel consumption and is therefore the perfect tyre for forklifts and other industrial material handling purposes. In addition, the special compound provides wear- and puncture-resistance, giving the tyre a long service life.

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