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    Magna MR800 Tyres in Perfect Condition

Magna MR800 Tyres in Perfect Condition in Underground Zinc-Ore Mine

The Polish division of the Magna Tyres Group is successfully continuing a test of Magna MR800 tyres in this underground mining application. After almost six months of work on AXERA5 wheeled drill rigs of Sandvik Tamrock, both the tread and sidewall of the tyres look perfect. Still 95% of original tread depth is remaining. The customer confirms the advantage of these Magna MR800 over previously applied tyre solutions on their.

Magna MR800 Tyres

The MR800 tyre is designed for heavy duty applications. An excellent tyre used on forklifts, terminal tractors and other industrial equipment. The reinforced sidewall offers better stability and assures safe operations, particularly during sudden manoeuvres such as sharp turns and hard braking.

The extraordinary long tyre life, measured as the distance covered by the tyre during its lifetime, originates from the solid structure of the carcass that makes it resistant to punctures and is highly durable. All these aspects can be translated into time and cost savings for the end user, because our Magna MR800 reduces the downtime of the machine for tyre replacement and maintenance.

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