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    Outstanding Performance at Crusher Plant in Egypt

Outstanding Performance at Crusher Plant in Egypt

One of our customers used Magna Tyres on CAT and KOMATSU equipment in a crusher plant for dolomite stone in Al Alamein Alexandria, Egypt. The tyre types used were our Magna MA02, Magna MA04 and Magna MA07 tyres.

The main priority was to achieve low cost per working hour, but also to provide excellent traction and cut resistance for this harsh environment. Together with a suitable price Magna Tyres delivered the promised quality.

Our customer is very satisfied about the overall performance and therefore our distribution agreement has been renewed for another two years.

The Tyres are Still Looking Good

Overall, our tyres are still looking good. You will also see this in the pictures below. With over 6000 working hours, our Magna MA02 tyres are still in excellent shape. After 1500 working hours, the Magna MA07 tyres appears to be brand new. Up next, a new set of Magna MA04 tyres in size 18.00R33 has been mounted after the previous set ran for more than 6000 hours.

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