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    Magna M-RIGID Tyres Perform Better Than Competitors

Magna M-RIGID Tyres Perform Better Than Competitors

More than a year ago, our newly developed 27.00R49 Magna M-RIGID tyres have been fitted at a coal mine in Indonesia, to handle the most challenging applications. The Magna M-RIGID is a quality E4-tyre especially designed for rigid dump trucks. With its full-depth tread blocks, excellent gripping abilities and innovative self-cooling design, the performance of the Magna M-RIGID in all conditions and stages improved. With this information, the operation team decided to give Magna Tyres a chance and the resulting performance is excellent.

All mounted tyres have a minimum performance of 7.000 hours, with an average remaining tread depth of 50 mm (out of 82 mm). The average tyre performance has reached 8.000 hours, with a remaining tread depth of 50 mm.

Based on this data, we can proudly say that we exceeded our competitors’ maximum performance of 7.000 hours or less!

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