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    Terex Mobile Crane Running on Magna MA03 Tyres

Terex Mobile Crane Running on Magna MA03 Tyres in South Africa

This 6-axle Terex AC 500-1 mobile crane is mounted with Magna MA03 tyres in size 445/95R25. This mobile crane is part of the fleet of Sarens South Africa, located near Johannesburg. The tyres are mounted approximately 2,5 years ago, and are still running to the full satisfaction of the customer. More mobile cranes of this fleet are running on our Magna MA03 tyres, both on tyre sizes 445/95R25 (16.00R25) and 525/80R25 (20.5R25).

About our Magna MA03 Tyre

Our Magna MA03 tyres have an aggressive and non-directional tread pattern for excellent traction, while not compromising on rolling resistance. The tread functions separately from the sidewall, which minimises deformation and movement of the tyres’ contact area on the ground.

The Magna MA03 is a steel constructed radial tyre, for optimal resistance to cuts, impacts and heat build-up. Together with high load capacities at high speed and stability, Magna MA03 is a very reliable and safe solution when you carry about your load.

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