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How to Read Extra Tyre Markings

How to Read Extra Tyre Markings

Most people know how to read simple tyre markings such as the tyre manufacturer, range name and tyre size. You can find our guide on how to read the basic tyre markings in one of the articles below. In addtion to these, a tyre may also have other, extra markings, which we will discuss now.

1. Service conditions

Earthmover tyres have different load carrying abilities than industrial tyres, for example. A difference exists between different applications, either ‘loading’ or ‘transport’. The tyre in this example is especially designed for transport/haulage.

2. Maximum load capacity

This section on the tyre gives more information on how heavily the tyre can be loaded. In this example: up to 15,550 kg (40800 lbs).

3. Inflation pressure

This section gives information about how much pressure there should be in the tyre for optimum usage. In this example: 52 5kpa (76 psi).

4. Maximum speed

In this section, you can read the maximum speed of your tyre. In this example: 50 km/h (30 mph).

5. Load Index/Speed Symbol

The Load Index is an international numerical code for the maximum load a tyre can carry at the speed indicated by its speed symbol under service conditions specified by tyre brands. In other words, it is the amount of weight your tyre can support safely. In this example: 209B. Here you can find more Load Index/Speed Symbol data.

6. Star Ratings

Star ratings indicate the strength of the casing and are similar to ply ratings such as bias or radial tyres. The table below can be used as a guide for converting.


Tyre Size Star mark Ply Rating
15.5R25 ★★ Up to 16PR
17.5R25 Up to 16PR
20.5R25 Up to 24PR
23.5R25 Up to 24PR
26.5R25 Up to 24PR
29.5R25 Up to 28PR


Tyre Size Star mark Ply Rating
17.5R25 ★★ UPTO16PR
20.5R25 ★★ UPTO24PR
23.5R25 ★★ UPTO24PR
26.5R25 ★★ UPTO24PR
29.5R25 ★★ UPTO28PR
14.00R25 ★★ UPTO32PR
18.00R33 ★★ UPTO40PR
21.00R35 ★★ UPTO44PR
24.00R35 ★★ UPTO48PR
27.00R49 ★★ UPTO54PR


Tyre Size Star mark Ply Rating
13.00R24 UPTO16PR
14.00R24 UPTO16PR
16.00R24 UPTO16PR


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