6 simple steps to read an OTR tyre

Often I am asked how you can find out general information about a tyre. The marking of a tyre makes it easy to read details, for example who the manufacturer of the tyre is or its diameter. Here are 6 simple steps on how to read OTR tyre sizes and more details of a tyre. In this example we use a tyre of Magna Tyres.

Tyre marking

1. Tyre manufacturer

At number 1, you can read the manufacturer of the tyre. In this case it is Magna Tyres.

2. Range name

At number 2 you can read the name of the tyre you have. This is the model name. In this example it is a mining & earthmoving tyre, the Magna MA02.

3. Tyre size

At number 3 you can read the section width in inches. This Magna MA02 has a tyre size of 26.5 inches.

4. Construction

At number 4, you can read what kind of construction the tyre has.

If an ‘R’ is shown next to the tyre size, the tyre has a radial construction. A ‘-‘ indicates a bias or solid construction. The difference between a solid and bias tyre cannot be read on the tyre. The example shows a radial tyre.

5. Wheel Diameter

At number 5 you can read the rim diameter in inches of the tyre. The tyre in this example is 25 inches.

6. TRA Code

Finally, at number 6, you can read off the TRA code. TRA is an international benchmark and has been validated by the ISO (International Standard Organisation), the ETRTO (European Tyre and Rim Organisation), the TRA (Tyre and Rim Association) and the JATMA (Japan Automobile Tyres Manufacturers). In the example above the tyre has an E3+ TRA code, which stand for earthmover (E) with normal tread depth (3). 

Above organisations have made a classification between 4 types of OTR and industrial tyres, based on their purpose. Do you want to know more about the 4 types in particular? Read the tyre application blog.

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