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Truck Tyre Positions

The Difference Between AP/Steer, Drive and Trailer Tyres

At Magna Tyres, we designed our truck tyres based on the latest tyre technology. We made sure our tyres offer the optimal combination of tyre performance and purchase price, leading to a low cost price per mile. Understanding, and therefore selecting, the right tyres will ensure that your tyres last longer. Below is a brief explanation about the different truck tyre positions.

Steer/All Position Truck Tyres

Steer front tyres are designed for the steer axle position of a truck, but also suitable for the trailer position. They are optimised for steering, handling, driving performance and driver comfort while also providing the necessary safety required for safe mileage.

Drive Axle Truck Tyres

Drive tyres are designed for the drive axles offering maximised traction on various surfaces. It is especially important to consider regional or long haul usage. Closed shoulder drive tyres are best suited for over the highway use in higher speed and longer haul operations using tandem axle configurations. Open shoulder drive tyres are best suited for regional operations with single axles and higher torque.

Trailer Axle Truck Tyres

Trailer tyres must withstand strong lateral and braking forces, along with carrying varying loads. They are designed to perform best in free-rolling, trailer axle positions. Reinforced sidewalls help protect casing from curbing damage.

Regional vs. Long Haul Application

Choosing the right truck tyres for your trucks might seem easy, but there’s a lot more to proper tyre selection.

The determination of the specific application for tyres is the key factor before selecting a set for your commercial trucks. Most fleets will need to choose between regional or long-haul commercial tyres, and the two are far from comparable.

Understanding the differences between the two tyres will help you to make the best choices to keep your truck tyres last longer.

Regional Tyres

Regional tyres are optimised for medium haul operating conditions generally on highway and secondary routes. The annual vehicle mileage is approximately somewhere between 30.000 – 80.000 and average rides up to about 300 miles. The tyre performs particularly well on winding roads and variable road conditions.

Long Haul Tyres

Long Haul tyres are optimised for longer distances, generally highways and highway speed operating conditions. The annual vehicle mileage is 100.000+, with average rides more than 300 miles. Especially tread life and fuel performance are enhanced to provide the lowest total cost of ownership experience.

On/Off Road Tyres

Heavy-duty tyres that feature more aggressive tread designs that provide more traction in off-road environments by gripping into loose or muddy surfaces. These tyres are often branded with the M+S symbol (Mud and Snow). These tread designs deliver outstanding traction in unpaved conditions or at unimproved construction sites.


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