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Underground Mining Tyres for Wheel Loaders

These Underground Mining Tyres are Perfect for Wheel Loaders

The Magna MU25 and Magna MU30 tyres were originally designed for the underground mining sector. Did you know that these tyres are also a perfect fit for wheel loaders? Thanks to the three-star carcasses, these tyres are strong and they offer high load capacity. This is needed for mounting these tyres on wheel loaders, which makes them a perfect match. These tyres are applicable for use in many quarries, such as stone or limestone.

The Magna MU25 Wheel Loader Tyre

The durability of the Magna MU25 tyre in combination with its high load capacity makes it ideally suitable for wheel loaders. Its open tread design, consisting of massive blocks, reassures exceptional traction for this tyre. The tread block pattern also provides optimal resistance to cuts and damages a wheel loader might encounter in mining operations or construction sites.

Magna MU30 Tyres for Wheel Loaders

Our Magna MU30 is particularly suitable for wheel loaders. This tyre is provided with reinforced sidewalls for optimal damage, shock and abrasion resistance. The tyre’s load capacity is outstanding and will reach your costs targets, thanks to its reinforced casing. This tyre is designed with robust tread lugs and a cut-resistant tyre centre. This makes the tyre durable with an increased tyre life.

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