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Magna Tyres Conducts On-Site Performance Check

Magna Tyres Conducts On-Site Performance Check

One of our sales managers recently visited a German customer to conduct an on-site performance check on a batch of our Magna MA08 OTR tyres which have been running for well over a year.

As you may know, at Magna Tyres we value partnerships and close relationships with our customers more than anything. That means our sales managers often travel to meet our customers and partners in person rather than just speak over the phone or by e-mail. In this case, one of our sales managers visited one of our German customers to discuss their upcoming order for another fleet of vehicles.

Visiting the customer provided the perfect opportunity to do a check on a previous order of Magna MA08 tyres that were mounted to this wheel loader. These tyres were fitted over a year ago in early 2021. As expected, we’re happy to report the tyres are still performing like the first day and have plenty of life left in them.

Tyre Degradation Monitoring

We stand for the quality of our tyres. We often report on tyres exceeding the forecasted wear and thus outperforming expectations. We mainly get these reports from satisfied customers around the world, but to validate these claims we also conduct research ourselves. Usually this happens ‘behind the scenes’ when we visit our customers. We evaluate the distance covered by the vehicle, the terrain on which the vehicle operates and compare that to the tread depth of the tyres. We also ask the customer questions regarding the usage of the tyre, whether they have run into issues or other things worth noting regarding the tyre life.

Measuring the tread depth of mounted tyres and inspecting them for damage or other deviations after usage in the real world is very important to us. It allows the Magna Tyres development team to compare real world results with our test results. Tyre degradation and wear are determined by many factors such as environment, weather, usage and whether the vehicle’s load capacity is exceeded often or not. We also educate on how to get the most out of our products if necessary. You can read more about the best ways to extend OTR tyre life here.

We test our tyres to deal with the most extreme situations such as the intense desert heat in the Middle East to the most demanding heavy duty lifting in the world’s biggest ports, our tyres have to cope with all of it! We collect this data to improve our products even further and to see how we can support our customers even better in their usage of Magna Tyres products.

Does your fleet run on Magna Tyres products?

We would love to hear from you! We’re always looking for stories from our customers. Feel free to send us pictures of your fleet running on Magna Tyres products and tell us what your experience using them is. Maybe we can use your input for future references. Please contact us for more info.