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    Platinum Sponsor for Home Town Event

Magna Tyres Group has become the Platinum Sponsor of the Dutch walking event ’80 van de Langstraat’. Participants of the annual event have to walk 80 kilometres and they have to complete it within 20 hours.

Operate Globally but Remain Locally Invested

In just 16 years, Magna Tyres has grown into a global operating company with multiple sales offices, warehouses and activities in over 130 countries worldwide. Despite the growth we have achieved so far, our headquarters and main warehouse still remain in our home town Waalwijk, The Netherlands. Because of our roots, Magna Tyres and wants to remain invested in the region.

Even though it is Magna Tyres’ goal to increase our global presence and to strengthen our position as the largest second tier supplier of Off-The-Road tyres, it is also our wish to keep the heart of our operations in the area were we come from. Magna Tyres is a family owned company with a strong connection to the area, so supporting such a family event in our home town is a perfect fit to increase our local presence and to create awareness for our activities.

The ’80 van de Langstraat’

‘The 80’ as it is known locally, truly is a community event. Throughout the whole route of 80 kilometres, festivities take place to celebrate and cheer on the participants. The route starts in the city centre of Waalwijk and goes through various towns surrounding Waalwijk before finishing back in the city centre. The event starts in the evening of September 10th and will conclude in the afternoon of September 11th , where the participants are warmly welcomed by friends and family.

Magna Tyres will support various practical and logistical matters during the event itself, but we have also placed our 57,000 m2 main warehouse in Waalwijk at the disposal for the organisers to store their equipment all year round. Not only does Magna Tyres support the organisation of the event in the traditional sense. Various Magna Tyres employees will also take part in the event as participants. Therefore it is safe to say Magna Tyres Group is incredibly invested to turn this year’s 80 van de Langstraat into the same success as always!


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