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Magna TPMS Axle Monitoring

Elevate Your Fleet Management with Magna TPMS

At Magna Tyres, we understand the dynamic challenges that fleet managers face daily. To address these challenges and promote operational excellence, we proudly offer the Magna Tyre Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS), a system designed with scalability and flexibility at its core. Our TPMS can accommodate an almost limitless number of axles, ensuring it fits perfectly with any fleet size and type.

Scalability to Match Every Fleet

Our Magna TPMS is uniquely engineered to integrate seamlessly with any number of axles, making it an ideal solution regardless of your fleet’s scale. Whether you’re looking to outfit a few vehicles or manage a vast network across multiple regions, our system scales with your needs. This flexibility allows for easy expansion as your fleet grows, ensuring long-term effectiveness and return on investment. No matter the amount of axles your machinery has, Magna TPMS has got you covered.

Enhanced Safety with Axle Load Monitoring and Wheel Loss Monitoring

Safety is paramount in fleet management, and our axle load monitoring feature is a testament to our commitment to your fleet’s safety and legal compliance. Overloaded or improperly balanced axles are a significant risk, leading to increased tyre wear and potential road hazards. The Magna TPMS provides real-time insights into each vehicle’s axle load, empowering you to make adjustments that ensure safety and compliance, while also protecting your tyres and vehicles from undue stress.

Wheel loss incidents can pose severe risks to safety, operational timelines, and public perception. Our TPMS system includes critical monitoring capabilities that alert you to potential issues before they lead to failure. This proactive measure is part of our commitment to not only maintain but enhance your fleet’s operational integrity and safety standards.


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