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Renewed Magna M-STRADDLE Tyre Pattern

All-New 450/95R25 Magna M-STRADDLE Tyre Profile

The Magna M-STRADDLE was designed for straddle carriers operating in high demanding ports and terminals. Since its initial release, the Magna M-STRADDLE has built a reputation for its distinct crown design, substantial sidewalls, superior traction and its high level of damage resistance. Now, we have build a tyre that is even better in these areas.

Implemented Improvements

With pride, Magna Tyres now introduces our new and improved Magna M-STRADDLE. This straddle carrier tyre features a unique zero degree belt that results in lower heat generation and increased load capacity.

Other improvements include an optimised curve of the tread pattern and an altered width for an even better footprint. Optimising the tread pattern minimises stress and deformation, therefore improves tyre life drastically. The tyre remains a steel radial construction with heavy duty sidewalls for comfortable and solid performance.

Available in 450/95R25, orders for the new Magna M-STRADDLE can be placed as of today. Reach out to your sales manager for more information and a personalised quote.


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